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The Believer

You’ve said ‘I love you’ a million timesAnd a million times I believed youA hint of doubt resonated insideBut heart convinced mind that we needed youWith a heavy heart and burdened mindWe plodded forth with our deceiverAnd now at the end of this lonely roadWe find a dead endAnd you too busy to meet us here either Something as simple as a phone callOddly holds so much weightAnd to think that peace of mind in the wee hours of the nightWas something I used to forsakeMost of my adult life… Read more The Believer

National Poetry Month

Even though my pending release this coming spring is a novel, I got my start in poetry.  The many scholars I’ve encountered in my years as a writer–educators and professionals alike–have all assured me what I do is not poetry; it is in fact prose.  Poetry, by definition, follows specific, ordered patterns of syllables and verse.  What I write has no pattern, thus classifying it as “free verse” or prose. Regardless of what one calls it, expression is why a writer tackles any of these forms.  On many occasions, I… Read more National Poetry Month