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So You Want to Write a Novel: Writing

So you’ve got your idea, you’ve fleshed out characters and plot, and now you’re ready to write.  Or so you think… In all fairness, while my experience writing The Grim may very well be an individual experience, I feel it only fair to warn you: The Grim took five–count ’em, five–long years of writing.  There were moments I gave up.  There were times where I thought what I had already written was ridiculous, mundane, preachy, and a whole host of other adjectives with which I berated myself every time I… Read more So You Want to Write a Novel: Writing

So You Want to Write a Novel: The Idea

I’m not going to lie to you; sometimes the hardest part of writing a novel is finding something worth writing about.  I can’t tell you how many unfinished manuscripts I have in what I call my “writing box”.  I’ve gotten 50, sometimes even 100, pages in and realized the story I was developing was crap, that my characters were basic, unrealistic, or downright annoying, or that the premise upon which the story was based didn’t carry long enough to generate 300 pages of copy.  *Sigh*  What are you going to… Read more So You Want to Write a Novel: The Idea

So You Want to Write a Novel

I was always told I had a talent for writing, a natural affinity for words and language.  I won competitions and essay contests.  My prose was frequently published, and I charged my classmates hefty fees to tutor them in English.  I wrote for the school newspaper;  I wrote African-American history plays, for which I won many awards and accolades. But I didn’t quite comprehend how amateurish my efforts were.  Real writing has been undermined by the cavalry of celebrities out here “writing” books for the sake of seeing their name… Read more So You Want to Write a Novel

Halfway Point

First, let me apologize for my absence.  It’s been a hectic few weeks. In those weeks, and the closer we get to August, it dawned on me how quickly time passes in a year.  Here we are, nearly two-thirds of the way through the current year, and I was forced to examine how far I’ve come in that time.  Many of us make what are called “New Year’s resolutions”, (which I refuse to make by the way), each year to remind us of what we need to do and where… Read more Halfway Point

From Books to Movies

When asked about my novel, The Grim, becoming a movie, it spawned a great deal of thought.  While I love the idea of The Grim becoming a blockbuster film, it left me thinking about other great books that became incredible movies.  While I am an avid reader, I also really love movies so I compiled a short list of some of my favorite book-to-movie classics.  Clearly, I’ve left quite a few awesome flicks off this list: the Harry Potter series and the Lord of the Rings trilogy among them.  However, I… Read more From Books to Movies

Q: How long does it take you to finish a work? This was a question asked during my “Ask Me” Poll conducted a week or so ago that I didn’t get a chance to answer.  But the question has floated in my head for awhile, so I thought I’d answer it in a separate blog. The truth is some works take me much longer than others.  I worked on The Grim, my first (and maybe last!) novel for nearly five years!  It was painstaking, and it took quite a bit… Read more