Strain in the neck, pulsating and bleeding eye. Jaycee Baynes awakens in the hospital with the sound of gun fire echoing in her head. She doesn’t remember much about May 23rd. All she knows for certain is that she did indeed kill her ex-lover-and isn’t the slightest remorseful. Now, incarcerated at an in-patient psychiatric facility, she must attempt to regain her memory of the event that shattered her world to its very core. Gripped by both psychosis and her desperation to know the truth, Jaycee faces the long dark of recovery to seemingly endless obstacles of doubt and mystery. Haunted daily by the presence of her bullet-riddled ex, Jaycee teeters on the edge of reality, knowing that, without her ex’s help, she may never escape the prison that has become…The Grim. Delightfully unpredictable, The Grim is an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride that leaves you yearning until the very end.


Books I-III Promo

The Lova Chronicles have been getting RAVE reviews since Book I’s release this past August, and the momentum just keeps building!  Book II, The Isle of Kishi Mora, just released December 15th, and you have to be out of your mind to miss it!  You can order The Lova Chronicles, or any other of my books, on on the My Books page.  Fall 2018 will launch Book IV, The Lake of Lethe.The Lake of Lethe potential

I want to thank you all for being so supportive of me and my work.  This YA series holds an incredibly special place in my heart, and I am thankful to share it with such a loyal group of fans!  We are still pending a new, more interactive website for you to enjoy, but until then, let my books express my heart, and thanks for joining me on the ride!