Labor Day Giveaway

September 4th, 2016 is my mother’s 60th birthday! And in honor of my biggest fan, I am sponsoring a Labor Day Giveaway.  If you can answer The Lova Chronicles question enclosed in the form below, you can win an ebook copy of all 3 of the current Lova Chronicles books in the series!

Followers of The Lova Chronicles series have been recognizing the patterns of the books.  There are four elemental gods in the series, One of which heads them all.  So far, each book has focused on one particular element in every story, thus featuring one particular god.

So…do you think you know where The Lake of Lethe is headed?  If you can be one of the first 5 participants to correctly tell me which god will be featured in the 4th installment of The Lova Chronicles, The Lake of Lethe, I’ll give you a FREE ebook copy of every released Lova Chronicles novel to date!  That’s Book 1:The Earthen Shroud, Book 2:The Isle of Kishi Mora, and the latest release Book 3:The Iron Gate!

Remember, only the first 5 participants to answer the question correctly will win.  Think you know?  Fill out the form below and good luck!

Fill out my online form.
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