Soapbox Spotlight: Michelle Robinson

Welcome to another Soapbox Spotlight!  Today’s guest is Michelle Robinson.  Michelle was born and raised in Oakland, CA. Oakland’s rich culture has laid the fabric for this story. She’s been doing hair for two decades. As a hairstylist, it’s safe to say she has also served as a therapist to her clients. She has heard and witnessed it all right behind her styling chair. From her experiences, she’s given advice to many and has watched people’s lives transition. With this driving force, she has finally penned her first novel, Right Before my Eyes.

Welcome, Michelle!  Can you tell our readers about yourself?

I love music. Compassionate. I’m a great friend, daughter, cousin, girlfriend, hairstylist, poet & thinker. I am a humanitarian. My belief is you owe it to life to give to others. I have a high moral background. I am a dreamer. As long as you have a dream, life should keep you busy. I am a believer that all things are possible. I’m also an artist so I creatively think outside the box. I’m a go-getter so I don’t take no as an option for me. I’m organized to the point that I can’t function in confusion. I can be the life of the party & also like spending time alone. I also love taking naps.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned since authorship?

It’s important to have a great editor.

Isn’t that ever true!  What was your path towards publication like?

I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had two friends that were writing books who I could call on for help, referrals and advice. So I literally had to learn the steps along the way.  I prayed a lot, developed more patience and had to lean on my own understanding through this process. I had bad luck with two different editors. I learned that your editor should have a degree in English not Journalism. I ended up having to proofread my own book twice before I submitted it to my publisher because my second editor couldn’t spell or take criticism. But he fell in love with the story, gave a lot of compliments about my writing and gave me advice to write in past tense. I had to figure out that in order to get my book cover the way I dreamt of it, I had to hire a photographer and the models, so I did and my vision came to life.

How do you balance your life as an author with your duties as a business person, employee, parent and/or spouse?

I go to bed at a reasonable hour. That allows me to wake up a little earlier than I need to so that I have time to myself. I start my day praying and reflecting and then head to the gym or go for a walk. I take a day off during the week dedicated to writing. I run my business on the other four days. Weekends are for church, family, friends and fun and if not, then I write!

What can we expect from you in the future?

More books, maybe a movie.

What is your best advice for getting past writer’s block?

Don’t end your writing at the end of a chapter. Stop in the middle of the sentence. That gives you a good jump start and get the creative juices flowing on the next time you begin writing.

Great tip!  I’ll have to try that.  What was the best writing-related advice you ever received?

To just keep writing.
Thanks for joining us today, Michelle!

You can find Michelle at the following links:

Twitter: @BooksbyMichelle
Fan Page:

You can find Michelle’s book at the following links:


Barnes & Noble:


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