Soapbox Spotlight: Tracy Kauffman

Today’s Soapbox Spotlight is on Tracy Kauffman, an inspirational Christian fiction author.  Pending her novel’s release, Tracy is here to share with us her views on writing and share a little about her latest work with us.

Tell us about yourself, Tracy.

I am a new author from North Alabama and love writing for young adults and children.  I am a Christian who is trying to make a difference in the world today.  I hope to inspire others, educate, and edify others in a positive way.

How long have you been writing?

I began writing at an early age.  Books [have always] fascinated me, and I had so much imagination that writing made sense.  I remember when I was in second grade, I won the title of Editor in our school newspaper for a paper I wrote.  Then I joined a journalism class in middle school.  I published my first poem when I was in Cosmetology school called the “Cosmetology Student”.  

What first attracted you to your genre?

I love writing fiction fantasy for children and young adults because you can add to the characters where you want them to go.

What inspired you to write your first book, and what was it?

I started writing my first book, Southern  Adventures, when my son got ready to leave home for the Air Force.  It gave me something to keep me busy [instead of thinking of him leaving].

Tell us about your latest work, Gwendolyn’s Wish.

It is currently in production and will be released very soon. It’s a children’s book about a young girl who receives a special friend who can grant wishes. It is a cute story that any child would love. It teaches about good values and gives a child understanding on the real meaning of friendship.

Gwen is a homely young girl with no friends until she meets her neighbor, Zahara. She soon covers Zahara has a secret. Zahara has a parrot that can grant wishes. She tells Gwen about her special friend and instructs her on how to acquire her own special companion. Unsure of the truthfulness of what she was told, Gwen goes home and follows Zahara’s instructions. Soon, she receives her very own parrot, and he can grant wishes too! He tells her to think hard, about what she wants her first wish to be. Even though her wish is a tall order, he grants all of her wish sealing a lifelong friendship.

Does the writing get easier with each new book?

For me it does, because I try to write from my own life experiences.

Can you tell us a little more about your main character?

Gwendolyn is a young girl that lives in the country and does not have many friends until she meets her neighbor and obtains a pet parrot.

How did you develop your plot and characters?

Believe it or not,  I had a dream, and the plot and characters were easy to write because the dream was so vivid and inspiring.

Would or have you considered writing in another genre?

I like to write this genre, but am also working on a historical fiction book.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

My message is that beauty and riches of this world are not everything.  Love and friendship can bring you complete happiness.

What are your current writing projects?

I have several different books I’m working on.  I know I need to focus on one thing at a time, but I have so many different plans for books that it is hard to focus on just one thing.

You can find Tracy at the following links:

You can purchase Tracy’s book(s) at the following links:

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