Poet Feature: Tammy French

Hello all!  I’m so excited!  I’m doing a spotlight interview with Alexia Purdy today!  There’s more on this incredible author come Launch Week next week, but for now, why don’t you head over and check out the interview?  I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it as much as I did.  Alexia has also done a review on The Grim; four out of five stars!  You can read the review here.

While I’m away, I’m allowing a feature poet to man the fort.  I suggested some of my fans and followers send me poetry this month in honor of National Poetry Month with the promise I would post some of what I’ve received.  A Facebook fan, Tammy French, sent me a brilliant piece titled “The Struggle”.  Enjoy!

The Struggle Drawing
Keith Burnette

The Struggle

Neurotic & weak
Unstable & tormented
Scared & ashamed
Loved but haunted by the past
Does she even have the courage or strength to
Claw her way up yet again?
Fingers & pride both bloodied & broken
A spirit that is bruised & battered
Will she struggle through it & survive to see better days?
Uncertainty & fear is what she faces
Dark days engulf her completely, along with ever-darker nights
                                                                                                      Will she make it?

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