Sitting Here

I’m a little late today, but cut me some slack–it’s Monday! 🙂  I’ve got a new one for you.  This one is titled “Sitting Here”.

Sad by Susan Richards
Oct 2004
Sitting Here
This is not but a game to you
Juggling beating hearts
Like a jester at court
We are all little toys to you
Discarded playthings
Left on a shelf to rot
I am nothing if not destroyed by you
A fleeting thought
Long forgotten among chaos and ruin
And yet here I sit–
Knowing–but refusing to accept
That what you are and what you seem
Are two very different concepts
Still–I believe
In love eternal–
Not yours–as it has proven so
And still–I sit here
Content to smile with happy grace
And pretend the pain can’t be read on my face
Knowing the end has come and cannot erase
The lie I bought and must now replace

Except your face–
It makes me smile


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