This poem is titled “Sorrow”.  It’s the first decent prose I’ve come up with this month.  I’ve been told I can be morbid so those who are faint of heart–you were warned…

Sorrow–I welcome him like an old friend
He helps rebuild this wall I need desperately to mend
In my solitude it is only to my ears his whispers lend
Their speech and broken promises to no particular end

Behind this wall there is nothing with which to contend

Broken hearts and raging bears eventually descend

Into the bowels of emptiness that slowly bend
Into the stream of forgetfulness, never to be seen again

He envelops me with numbness
Dazzles me with pain
A hero to my shattered Heart does Sorrow become again
Champion of my darkest thoughts
Torturer of the slain
Sorrow rescues me from Love
Equipping me with disdain

Heart–like Mind–are always afraid
Afraid that Love will seek us out
and carry Us to open plains
Sorrow, ever-present challenger, can always keep at bay
The demons that seek to ravage our stores
and leave Us blind to pain.

Sorrow will always let me cry–

Never yielding to remember Love.

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