Marketing 101

With every new strategy I attempt at marketing myself and my work, I am finding out all too quickly who and what I am.  I have tried quite a few things that have failed.  And then there are the random tactics that oddly enough get me the most praise.  I have tried taking everyone’s advice, and tried taking no advice.  I have put myself in compromising positions while finding that there are some things I am able to do naturally.

Essentially, I am a writer.  Writing is what I live and breathe.  Without it–while I may serve other roles as mother, daughter, sister, lover, confidante, friend–I am a lifeless corpse.  I must do the thing at which I excel, and  that is to write.

So when my website started to get away from me, I was brought back by some awesome fans who made my mistakes very clear.  And I listened.  And I changed.  I embraced what makes me ME.  I am a writer.  I write.  So on my site I have refused to bombard you with superfluous fluff.  I’ve decided to talk less and do more.  I have added a showcase page where you can view my other work: short stories, prose, and the like.  The Grim is more than ten months away; I have to give you something while you wait!

Also gone are the days of my video blogging.  I am uncomfortable on camera, and it’s been pointed out by more than just myself.  (It was part of that advice I mentioned earlier).  I don’t want to patronize anyone by doing things that are simply not me.  I want to connect with you, my audience, but I have to do it in the way that’s best for me: here, on these pages with my computer and the written word.  I’m more comfortable behind the scenes.

And there you have it, the moral of Marketing 101: if nothing else, be yourself.  And who’da thunk such a cliche would never get old…

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