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Month: May 2011

Q: How long does it take you to finish a work? This was a question asked during my “Ask Me” Poll conducted a week or so ago that I didn’t get a chance to answer.  But the question has floated in my head for awhile, so I thought I’d answer it in a separate blog. The truth is some works take me much longer than others.  I worked on The Grim, my first (and maybe last!) novel for nearly five years!  It was painstaking, and it took quite a bit… Read more

Marketing 101

With every new strategy I attempt at marketing myself and my work, I am finding out all too quickly who and what I am.  I have tried quite a few things that have failed.  And then there are the random tactics that oddly enough get me the most praise.  I have tried taking everyone’s advice, and tried taking no advice.  I have put myself in compromising positions while finding that there are some things I am able to do naturally. Essentially, I am a writer.  Writing is what I live and… Read more Marketing 101

"Ask Me" Poll Q&A: Pt. 2

This is the second and last part of the questions I’m answering for the “Ask Me” Poll I issued last week.  The questions were so awesome, you guys! Q: What is your writing process?A: To be honest, I don’t really have one.  If it’s inspiration you’re inquiring about, I find it everywhere: on my job, with my friends, and even just in random observations of the world around me.  Once I have an idea, I play it out, almost like a movie, in my head.  If it’s something I’d watch,… Read more "Ask Me" Poll Q&A: Pt. 2

Howling Wolves

The wolf is howling. Can you hear him? But not in anger or hunger. This howl is of pain. Of what use am I to the howling wolf? A bear—rescuer only to the lonely And loner he is… In hibernation I seek companionship Yet he howls at that which is beautiful —but elusive— She will forever be out of his reach Brightly she shines over everyone And no one Because she cannot love She can only be desired The wolf believes these trees shield him That the moon lights his… Read more Howling Wolves

"Ask Me" Poll Q&A Pt. 1

Here are the first answers of many questions.  Did I answer yours? Q: What is the name of your first work?A: My first work, technically, was a poetry compilaton called Barely Breathing, written under the pseudonym Micah Michele.  It was coauthored with my best friend, J. Mahogany.  You can purchase it on my website: Q: When did you first decide to become a writer?A: I’ve always loved to write.  I will admit that I pursued the idea of becoming a lounge singer for several years (haha), but eventually, I… Read more "Ask Me" Poll Q&A Pt. 1

The Price of Fame

When I embarked upon the writing of The Grim, it was a fantasy: a dream come true in more ways than one, that I was realizing in vivid and insurmountable color and anticipation.  And when I decided to publish it, I couldn’t believe how all the pieces began to fall into place, as though the very dream I was chasing was running toward me too. No one told me how much work it was going to be; how much energy I was going to have to put into it; how… Read more The Price of Fame