Crippling Butterflies

What are these butterflies
That emerge like summer skies
When you are near?
What is that pleasant song
Like a chorused throng
Pulsating in my ear?
How do you always know
Exactly when to show–
And when to disappear?
How did you make me smile again
When I was determined to command
A better life without you here?

What is this thing you do to me?
Please explain this weakness
That always flows up over me.
This crippling, enigmatic energy
That ripples all through me
What is this magic you work
That renders me powerless
Ceasing to count the hours as
We laugh and sing and cheer
How, how, HOW???
You were never supposed to be here…

Yet here you are
Resting peacefully as you lie here next to me
Tomorrow I’ll be alone again
But the butterflies always win
You are the wind upon which they fly.

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