Blooming Tulip

Lovely blooming tulip
Tell me a tale
Of witches, kings and princes
And singing nightingales
Lovely blooming tulip
What of love do you know?
That first sighting and true love’s kiss
And landscapes of pure white snow

At times blooming tulip, you remain closed
Never emerging fully
From your blanket of ice and snow
How do you know when to be guarded
And when to let the light in?
When to be open and share the beauty within?

Oh lovely tulip
Please tell me a story
Of rescued princesses and valiant knights
Basking in battle and glory
Pretty blooming tulip
Help me understand
How brave knight know a damsel in distress
But cant seem to take my hand

I see you pretty flower
How do you know when to retreat
I want to learn to both open and close
Please teach me your technique

Again I sigh as another love
Once more passes me
Even the prettiest of flowers
Can be destroyed by a weed

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