The Believer

You’ve said ‘I love you’ a million times
And a million times I believed you
A hint of doubt resonated inside
But heart convinced mind that we needed you
With a heavy heart and burdened mind
We plodded forth with our deceiver
And now at the end of this lonely road
We find a dead end
And you too busy to meet us here either

Something as simple as a phone call
Oddly holds so much weight
And to think that peace of mind in the wee hours of the night
Was something I used to forsake
Most of my adult life has already passed me by
Now I wonder if there’s still time
To get this ‘relationship’ thing right

I won’t allow you to be a distant memory
These years I’ll keep you nearby
I have to remember all the places this went wrong
Because the next time has to be my last try
The vision of you and I in front of an altar
Me dressed all in white
Flutters out the window like a fledgling bird
Finally taking flight

‘I still love you’ you say
As a lonely tear drips down my face
Perhaps you do, love; but it hurts too much, love
To believe for time one million and one.


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